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Welcome to Abraham Research, PLLC.

We are an independent research site conducting Phase II, III and IV outpatient clinical trials and research studies.  Our expertise and main focus is on allergy, asthma and respiratory system disorder investigations with capabilities in other therapeutic areas as well.


Clinical trials help uncover new information about medical conditions and promising therapies. Participating in clinical trials is a critical component in the US Food and Drug Administration drug approval process and volunteering in a study is an invaluable contribution to the knowledge gained about the medical condition.

Current Studies

    Please contact the office for more information about our current studies. We conduct studies mainly related to allergies, asthma and COPD, as well as other specific therapeutic areas.

    Sign up for consideration in an upcoming study.

Business Accommodations

Business Office Chair

We recognize visitors have business to take care of while away from the office. Abraham Research provides amenities for you to get your work done while onsite. Wireless network, office area, fax, and telephone are available in a quiet office atmosphere.



Safety First

A guide to participating in safe, effective clinical trials. Abraham Research is committed to the safety of our participants. Read this article before engaging in any Clinical Trial.